Library Garden

I’m no expert at gardening. I mean that honestly, I’m a bumbling novice at best. I grew up with parents who grew large vegetable gardens which were harvested in jars and freezer bags so we could eat “real vegetables” all year long. Sadly, their skills were not passed down to me. I struggle with my modest garden at home which I mostly do so my children can experience planting, weeding, harvesting and eating something they tended to for months.

This summer, I’m hoping to expand my gardening skills. Between the library and the fire station are two dormant raised beds. Over the next several weeks organic compost will be mixed in with the existing soil to help bring it back to life as they have not been used for several years. The beginning of June we will plant seeds and plants.


This library garden will contain tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, peas, string beans, broccoli, and fresh herbs. I deliberately chose these because they can all be eaten raw. Try a purple string bean, a white carrot or pick some mint to put in your water bottle.  I encourage you to investigate the garden, watch it grow, pull weeds, maybe even have a picnic beside it. Most importantly-enjoy it.

I hope you will enjoy watching our little library garden grow. (Also, I really hope you will help me weed!)

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