Debut Authors to Check Out This Fall

There is a lot to look forward to during fall in New England: leaves changing, students coming back and agriculture fairs. Last week’s heat has me wishing for the need to wear a sweater more than anything. Another thing to look forward to is the release of a strong batch of debut authors—perfect timing for curling up with that sweater that’s been packed away in the back of the closet.

If you are a book giver for the holidays these books are perfect as it’s more likely they will be new to the recipient. If you are looking for a new author to follow these books provide the perfect starting point. Or, if you are waiting for your hold to come in on the newest release of popular author a debut title is much more likely to be available in a couple of weeks.

Here a few standouts for this fall. Reserve them now, even before they come out!

A gorgeous, raw debut novel about a young woman braving the ups and downs of motherhood in a fractured America

A novel about a concert pianist who fears he is losing his mind

Katya Apekina disquietingly crooks the lines between fact and fantasy, between escape and freedom, and between love and obsession.

Sweeping, cinematic tale about a young woman who becomes an overnight celebrity before realizing she’s part of something bigger, and stranger.

A new and original voice in fiction and explores feminist, queer, religious, and immigrant stories with precision, drama, and compassion

A treacherously surreal and at times, heartbreakingly satirical look at what it’s like to be young and black in America.

A Taiwanese-American family faces the realities and indignities of living in Silicon Valley.

A period novel about a female detective who goes undercover (occasionally as a man), to infiltrate a smuggling ring, and navigates shifting allegiances once on the inside.

A short, darkly funny, hand grenade of a novel about a Nigerian woman whose younger sister has a very inconvenient habit of killing her boyfriends.


  • A Light of Her Own by Carrie Callaghan (11/13)

In seventeenth century Holland two women’s destinies will be shaped by their ambitions, running counter to the city’s most powerful men, whose own plans spell disaster.

A couple, now separated. Their daughter. Their new partners. One epic Christmas vacation. What could go wrong?

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