The World as We Know It

A recent report from the United Nations states that we have just over a decade before the effects of climate change will be irreversible. If we do not dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the next ten years, the earths’ average temperature could warm by 5 degrees or more, causing sea levels to rise and ecosystems to collapse. Some parts of the Earth could become nearly uninhabitable.

So what can we do?  Learn. There are a number of compelling books about climate change in our collection.

the-archipelago-of-hope-wisdom-and-resilience-from-the-edge-of-climate-change direpredictions2_highres treading-on-thin-air-atmospheric-physics-forensic-meteorology-and-climate-change-how-weather-shapes-our-everyday-lives

Climate change is difficult to understand simply because it is such a complex topic. Dire Predictions breaks down the UN report and makes it easier to grasp.  Treading on Thin Air shows the interconnectedness of weather and climate.

Because it’s hard to “see” the incremental changes of climate change, many people ignore the issue altogether. Don’t Even Think About It addresses the question of why that happens. The Archipelago of Hope shows how indigenous cultures are adapting to the changes around them.

These are just a few of the many great books about climate change that our available in our collection. Get informed; ask a librarian for materials, read up, and act!

By Brian, WFPL Circulation

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