Tailored to Your Tastes

Did you know that WFPL librarians can provide you with personalized reading recommendations? It’s a little-known service that we’ve offered for years, and it’s as easy as filling out a form on our website.

Our librarians are always happy to suggest books in person, but if you can’t get to the library­ – or if you prefer to make your request in writing – the online form is a great option. It will ask you to list some of the books you’ve loved in the past, types of books you don’t like, and your favorite genres or topics. Then it will give you characteristics to choose between: do you prefer books that are happy or sad? Sentimental or realistic? Long or short? Relaxing or suspenseful? All of the questions are optional, so your request can be as specific or vague as you wish. Of course, the more information you give us, the better our recommendations will be!

Those who have taken advantage of the service in the past have had this to say after receiving their recommendations:

  • “That’s incredible, so much here I want to read! Thank you!”
  • “You’ve made my day!”
  • “This is amazing and so greatly appreciated!! Placed several holds and super excited!”

While we’re flattered by the positive feedback, we also appreciate hearing from readers when we’ve suggested a title they didn’t like. Maybe it was a mismatch in mood or a plodding plot; maybe it was simply the right book at the wrong time. It’s all valuable information for our recommendations team.

Ready to give it a go? You’ll find the form here.

– Brita, Digital Services Librarian

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