Be Mindful: You – and Your Library – Have Answers

 “How can I help you?”

Working at the Watertown Free Public Library, I probably ask that question a hundred times a day. When the Library was open, finding materials, giving direction, and smiling patrons made my day. Now, I know the COVID-19 pandemic has you waiting at home, but I hope that I can still point you to what you need.

This time of year, I often try to practice an inner spring cleaning, to balance purpose and joy. Lately, I’ve been seeking clarity with meditation: affirmations, focused breathing, and contemplation. However done, meditation is a chance to quiet the mind. Key to this training is mindfulness – being aware, and living focused on the present.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Breathe deep. See what fits. The Watertown Free Public Library has many ebooks and audiobooks in out digital collection that can help you develop the skills to navigate our current moment, and future challenges. Here are some helpful titles and mindfulness tips to help you get started:

Meditation and Contemplation

Self Care


 Affirmative Attitude

  • Try to reduce negativity acting with an “attitude of gratitude.” Call a friend or family member to remember something special or silly you did. (I put my fancy outfit on for a quarantined “date night” i.e. putting out the recycling with my husband.)
  • Treasure the good you notice.
  • Connect by sharing a talent. Sew a mask or give bliss with brownies.
  • Escape to a happy place with funny shows. I chuckled and happy cried along with the series Still Standing, which follows comedian Jonny Harris to scenic Canadian towns. (It’s currently available as a free Hoopla bonus borrow.)
  • Try something new! Have you ever heard of Laughter Yoga? It’s a practice that combines laughter with breathing techniques. 

Most of all, do not be afraid to ask for help. If you are struggling in any way, or are interested in offering help to others, we encourage you to use the Library’s COVID-19 Resource Guide.

Be well, and stay mindful.

– Stephanie, WFPL Circulation Department

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