One Book, One Watertown 2021: The Humans

Each year during One Book, One Watertown, we encourage our entire community to read the same book, allowing us to explore its themes and messages together.   This year, we faced the task of selecting a title during this time of great uncertainty, isolation, and hardship in our community, our country and around the world.    Despite the challenges we all face, we have also observed wonderful demonstrations of bravery, selflessness, and kindness.  We wanted to find a book to help us celebrate the good we see around us.

We have selected The Humans by Matt Haig.

Matt Haig’s book is a laugh-out-loud, heart-filled exploration of what it truly means to be human. We believe this is the kind of story we all need to read right now.

The Humans tells the story of a reluctant alien who arrives on Earth with the goal of erasing all traces of a monumental scientific discovery. To do this, he takes the place of Professor Andrew Martin, the mathematician who made the breakthrough. The alien’s initial impression of humanity is one of disgust and confusion, and he finds he prefers the company of Martin’s dog, Newton.  Through creating a life with Martin’s wife and teenage son, he comes to see the hope and beauty in their mortality, and the value in human life. As he begins to understand the concept of love, he realizes his mission endangers everything he now holds dear.

Copies of The Humans will be available beginning in January. We will also have books on CD, as well as ebooks and eaudiobooks available. Join us in March for virtual library events and programs.   A full list of events will be available in late January.

About WFPL

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