Our Shifting View

In a 1944 essay about the raging World War, George Orwell wrote, “History is written by the winners.” 1   This truth has been recognized throughout human history, and is poignantly reflected in the last several centuries’ worth of written histories of the indigenous peoples of North America. We’ve begun to see a shift in perspective… Continue reading Our Shifting View


Not Brand New

Working in a library means hearing about future best sellers long before they’re published, and then having easy access to them once they hit the shelves. It’s truly an embarrassment of riches, and undoubtedly one of the major perks of the job, but it has skewed my perception of what constitutes a “new” book. This… Continue reading Not Brand New

A Brief History of Voting Rights

Do you know what percentage of Americans were eligible to vote for our first president? What year women were granted suffrage? When Asian immigrants were offered a path to citizenship and voting rights? Click here to explore our interactive timeline of American voting rights and restrictions, from colonial times to the present day. And don't… Continue reading A Brief History of Voting Rights

She Has a Name!

I read an article earlier this month that really struck a chord. It was headlined “The Protagonist Problem” (tinyurl.com/vox-protagonists). In it, the writer posits that men (especially straight white men) are raised to believe that they are the protagonists of their story, as well as the stories of those around them. With this belief that… Continue reading She Has a Name!

More Digital Magazines for Your Reading Pleasure

We are pleased to announce that the Watertown Free Public Library now offers digital magazines from two sources, RBdigital and OverDrive/Libby. Checkouts are unlimited (they do not count toward your monthly limit). The selection is better than ever, so pick the platform you prefer, or use both! RBDigital: The free RBDigital app is available for… Continue reading More Digital Magazines for Your Reading Pleasure

Indigenous People’s Day

This past Monday, October 8th, the Watertown Free Public Library was closed for a holiday. Millions of people across America call this holiday Columbus Day, in recognition of Christopher Columbus. But there is a growing movement to change both the name of the holiday and its focus to Indigenous People’s Day. Columbus Day, fixed originally… Continue reading Indigenous People’s Day