Restored 1856 Map Returns to WFPL

A map of Middlesex County from 1856, newly preserved and framed, has been installed on the second floor of the Watertown Free Public Library. Since the map measures about five square feet, the outlines of the towns are visible from a distance, but a closer look reveals fascinating detail. Prolific cartographer Henry Francis Walling (1825-1889),… Continue reading Restored 1856 Map Returns to WFPL

Democracy Talks at the Library

In January 2017, the WFPL launched Democracy Talks, a series of events designed to illuminate the democratic process and create space for conversation. Our expert speakers introduce new perspectives and provide much-needed context for complex ideas. We hope that attendees leave each talk empowered to further engage with these ideas, be it in dialogue, action,… Continue reading Democracy Talks at the Library

A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler: A Review

A highlighted quote amidst a sea of books grabbed my attention at Book Expo. It read Later this summer when the funeral takes place, the media will speculate boldly on who's to blame. They'll challenge attendees to say on camera whose side they're on. For the record: we never wanted to take sides. I was immediately… Continue reading A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler: A Review

The Library of All Libraries

Last month, my family and I visited Washington, D.C. It was my first time there as purely a tourist, and my kids’ first time ever. We had a wonderful time sight-seeing. The World War II and Vietnam memorials are very moving. I was somewhat teary at the Roosevelt and M.L.K. memorials, thinking about what could… Continue reading The Library of All Libraries

Books Without Words

One of our favorite things here in the Children’s Room is something you might not expect from a bunch of literature lovers: wordless picture books!  Wordless picture books are totally underrated, and they’re amazing for a multitude of reasons: They encourage the development of visual literacy They foster observational skills They foster storytelling in folks… Continue reading Books Without Words

This Week in Literary History…

Do you ever get stuck trying to figure out what to read next? Today I was browsing Flavorwire’s online calendar of literary events from history, and the milestones in the first week of July struck a chord, and sent me scrambling for all sorts of things to read and watch in solidarity and celebration. Perhaps… Continue reading This Week in Literary History…