Women’s Rage and Women’s Hope

2018 has, unsurprisingly, ushered in the publication of a myriad of excellent books on women’s experiences and women’s rage. Here’s a roundup of some of this year’s most intriguing feminist titles. (CW for descriptions of books that discuss sexual assault, racism, misogyny, and other tactics used to oppress women.) NONFICTION Rage Becomes Her: The Power… Continue reading Women’s Rage and Women’s Hope


Emmy Winners to Binge on…

Close cropped photograph of an Emmy award trophy.

Watching great television has become considerably more complex in today’s world of streaming services, and online-only productions. If you don’t subscribe to Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime, you may wonder whether you’ll ever be able to see all of the shows that won awards at Sunday night’s Prime Time Emmy Awards. In many cases,… Continue reading Emmy Winners to Binge on…

Debut Authors to Check Out This Fall

There is a lot to look forward to during fall in New England: leaves changing, students coming back and agriculture fairs. Last week’s heat has me wishing for the need to wear a sweater more than anything. Another thing to look forward to is the release of a strong batch of debut authors—perfect timing for… Continue reading Debut Authors to Check Out This Fall

First for a Reason

On August 16 newspapers throughout the country published editorials in response to the Boston Globe’s call to repudiate the current administration’s frequent use of the term “fake news” and more urgently the labeling of journalists as “enemy of the people”.  I found it heartening to see the responses from over 400 newspapers denouncing these words… Continue reading First for a Reason

Everything I didn’t know I needed to know

Did you know that there have been four great bearded movements through human history, beginning with Hadrian in the second century? Of Beards and Men by Christopher Oldstone-Moore How about the fact that there were sound economic principles underlying whether or not pirates chose to fly a pirate flag, and how they distributed liquor? The… Continue reading Everything I didn’t know I needed to know