Even Bigger and Better Than Before

It’s almost time for the Harry Potter Escape Room! Last year we had to get our heads around what a library escape room would look like and how we could execute it. During our journey we enlisted the help of Hatch Makerspace to make our centerpiece fireplace for the Gryffindor Common Room. It was awesome.… Continue reading Even Bigger and Better Than Before

What’s in a Library of Things?

  The role of libraries has evolved significantly over the years, and at the WFPL, we’re very proud to continue the march forward. We will always have collections of books on almost any topic imaginable, so we will always endeavor to fire your imagination and satisfy your need for information. But as important as our… Continue reading What’s in a Library of Things?

Restored 1856 Map Returns to WFPL

A map of Middlesex County from 1856, newly preserved and framed, has been installed on the second floor of the Watertown Free Public Library. Since the map measures about five square feet, the outlines of the towns are visible from a distance, but a closer look reveals fascinating detail. Prolific cartographer Henry Francis Walling (1825-1889),… Continue reading Restored 1856 Map Returns to WFPL

The Library of All Libraries

Last month, my family and I visited Washington, D.C. It was my first time there as purely a tourist, and my kids’ first time ever. We had a wonderful time sight-seeing. The World War II and Vietnam memorials are very moving. I was somewhat teary at the Roosevelt and M.L.K. memorials, thinking about what could… Continue reading The Library of All Libraries

ART150 Anniversary Video: A Library Time Capsule

This video was created in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Watertown Free Public Library. Click here to watch the full video on the library's Youtube channel. It started with a song that I had from last fall; a piano sketch tentatively titled “Before the Library Opens”. The song had always sounded to me… Continue reading ART150 Anniversary Video: A Library Time Capsule

How Do You Read?

“Touch This Page: Making Sense of the Ways We Read” is an interactive exhibit about multisensory reading experiences. The exhibit has been on view the Perkins School for the Blind since January; pop-up versions have also appeared at Harvard, Northeastern, and the Boston Public Library. We’re proud to have one of those “Touch This Page”… Continue reading How Do You Read?