She Has a Name!

I read an article earlier this month that really struck a chord. It was headlined “The Protagonist Problem” ( In it, the writer posits that men (especially straight white men) are raised to believe that they are the protagonists of their story, as well as the stories of those around them. With this belief that… Continue reading She Has a Name!


First for a Reason

On August 16 newspapers throughout the country published editorials in response to the Boston Globe’s call to repudiate the current administration’s frequent use of the term “fake news” and more urgently the labeling of journalists as “enemy of the people”.  I found it heartening to see the responses from over 400 newspapers denouncing these words… Continue reading First for a Reason

Net Neutrality: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Update 11/21/17: This blog post was originally posted on May 15, 2017. Given that the FCC chairman has officially revealed plans to end net neutrality, and the Federal Communications Commission’s impending planned vote on December 14, we thought it was worth reposting this article to help our patrons understand why net neutrality matters to us… Continue reading Net Neutrality: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Against Hatred

Originally, I had planned this blog post to be about my family's unusual holiday traditions - our favorite holiday song is by Weird Al, and our traditional holiday movie viewing includes the 1951 A Christmas Carolwith Alastair Sim, and also the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - something fun and lighthearted for the holidays. However,… Continue reading Against Hatred

The Inclusive Library

The idea of a public library, supported by taxation, which would provide materials and information to all members of the community free of charge was a somewhat radical notion when it first emerged in the 19th century. The first seeds were planted in Peterborough, NH and Boston, but the idea quickly took root and flourished. Public libraries opened… Continue reading The Inclusive Library

A Complete Education…For No Money

Libraries serve the community in many ways – some of which may not be visible to everyone. We serve job seekers and English-language learners and students doing homework and the homebound and families looking for entertainment on a budget – all in crucial ways. But there’s more at the heart of the public library. The… Continue reading A Complete Education…For No Money