A Tale of Two Globes

Did you know that there are two unique globes in Watertown’s past? The Watertown Free Public Library holds sketches and a patent for one, whose creator is profiled below; the other resides at Perkins, where its 13-foot circumference continues to attract students and visitors alike. Behind each globe lies a tale of a local innovator… Continue reading A Tale of Two Globes


Treasures of the WFPL: A Note from Longfellow

A descendent of one of Watertown’s early settlers, Solon Whitney was born in Harvard, MA. After spending his youth elsewhere (Seneca Falls, NY; Fall River, MA; Providence, RI), he returned to his ancestral hometown as principal of Watertown High School in 1866. Whitney stayed in that role for only six years before taking up a teaching position… Continue reading Treasures of the WFPL: A Note from Longfellow