The Great American Read – Watertown Edition

I recently watched the Great American Read on PBS and was reminded just how powerful a great book can be, and how differently books can affect those who read them. If you haven’t heard of the GAR yet, it is a television program and nationwide poll that asks everyone across the country to vote for… Continue reading The Great American Read – Watertown Edition


Tony Awards 2018: Check it Out!

This has been a year of successful revivals and creative reinventions on Broadway, and the upcoming Tony Awards promise a thrilling evening of production numbers we won’t soon forget! Some of you may be twirling your way through a chorus of I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady while others are memorizing… Continue reading Tony Awards 2018: Check it Out!

Science Fiction: The Bellwether of Society

Like everyone who works at the library, I like to read. I’ve even been accused of reading cereal boxes if there’s nothing around (very true). I do read widely across the spectrum, but if I were forced to choose one genre above all to read it would be science fiction. Saying that conjures visions of… Continue reading Science Fiction: The Bellwether of Society

Local & Natural: How to Start Gardening in Watertown

As I write this post, I’m watching the snow outside slowly cover my garden beds that I had hoped would be clear sooner rather than later. However, it is March and things melt quickly. Now you are probably thinking how could he possibly be contemplating his garden with snow on the ground? For me, gardening… Continue reading Local & Natural: How to Start Gardening in Watertown