New Year, New Classics

Cover image from Circe by Madeline Miller shows a painting of a woman's face.

I’ve loved mythology ever since I learned how to read. In elementary school, I would sneak into the school library during lunchtime to meet Ms. Mitchell, the librarian, who had stacks of mythology books set aside for me. She even let me sit at her desk while she checked in material, and I devoured myth… Continue reading New Year, New Classics

Libraries & Numbers

I love examining the statistics associated with library materials at the end of each calendar year. And, in libraries, there are so many numbers: which titles were checked out the most; what collections have fallen out of popularity; what subjects have a growing interest. (Who knew macramé, canning and paper folding were going to make… Continue reading Libraries & Numbers

Ultimate Seasonal Playlist 2018

It’s time for my semi-annual review of my favorite seasonal music. I say seasonal because there are songs that crop up this time of year that have nothing to do with Christmas or Hanukkah or even winter but are still somehow associated with the season (I’m looking at you, “My Favorite Things”). Some of my… Continue reading Ultimate Seasonal Playlist 2018

One Book, One Watertown 2019: The Library Book

The Watertown Free Public Library is thrilled to announce that The Library Book will be our One Book, One Watertown community read for 2019. Part true crime, part love letter to libraries (and the people who inhabit them), all expertly woven together into a captivating read by renowned author and journalist Susan Orlean. The Library… Continue reading One Book, One Watertown 2019: The Library Book

Escaping Into Comics

When the news is filled with difficult, overwhelming, and scary information (and when isn’t it?), it’s important to arm yourself with facts. Roundups like Brian’s recent post on climate change and Jill’s post on decolonizing history are tremendous resources! But, if I’m being honest, sometimes my brain needs a rest before diving in to do… Continue reading Escaping Into Comics