Debut Authors to Check Out This Fall

There is a lot to look forward to during fall in New England: leaves changing, students coming back and agriculture fairs. Last week’s heat has me wishing for the need to wear a sweater more than anything. Another thing to look forward to is the release of a strong batch of debut authors—perfect timing for… Continue reading Debut Authors to Check Out This Fall


Hot Kitchen Gadgets

The Instant Pot®, the spiralizer and the Air Fryer are three new(ish) gadgets that can help you save time in the kitchen and eat in a healthier way. What are they and how can you use them? I will give you a quick run-down on each and suggest cookbooks to help you out. The Instant… Continue reading Hot Kitchen Gadgets

Everything I didn’t know I needed to know

Did you know that there have been four great bearded movements through human history, beginning with Hadrian in the second century? Of Beards and Men by Christopher Oldstone-Moore How about the fact that there were sound economic principles underlying whether or not pirates chose to fly a pirate flag, and how they distributed liquor? The… Continue reading Everything I didn’t know I needed to know

Under-the-Radar: Young Adult Fiction

With so much information accessible to us at all times, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to read. There’s just too much! Bestseller lists and online reviews help, but we end up reading a lot of the same kinds of books. Plus, a lot of these lists are driven by publishers who have the… Continue reading Under-the-Radar: Young Adult Fiction

The Great American Read – Watertown Edition

I recently watched the Great American Read on PBS and was reminded just how powerful a great book can be, and how differently books can affect those who read them. If you haven’t heard of the GAR yet, it is a television program and nationwide poll that asks everyone across the country to vote for… Continue reading The Great American Read – Watertown Edition

Tony Awards 2018: Check it Out!

This has been a year of successful revivals and creative reinventions on Broadway, and the upcoming Tony Awards promise a thrilling evening of production numbers we won’t soon forget! Some of you may be twirling your way through a chorus of I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady while others are memorizing… Continue reading Tony Awards 2018: Check it Out!