A Look Back at the Library’s Big Birthday Bash

String lights hanging in the lobby of the Watertown Free Public Library

As the Watertown Free Public Library’s 150th Anniversary year comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing back to our big birthday bash (er…Gala) on April 6, 2019 …what an incredible night! Planning for the Gala took many months of preparation coordinated by Katie, WFPL’s Circulation Department Supervisor. With a team effort from our staff,… Continue reading A Look Back at the Library’s Big Birthday Bash

Giving Books for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded time when I realize I have to buy a gift for someone but I have no idea what to get them because they already have everything. Maybe it’s because I am a librarian, maybe it’s because I like books, but whatever the reason, I tend to go the… Continue reading Giving Books for the Holidays

Post-Book Blues: My Love/Hate Relationship with a Good Book

Hopefully we all know what it feels like to be completely drawn into a book. The Author has created a world of characters/atmosphere/language that absorbs every moment you spend reading. Unfortunately, that also means that we probably know what it feels like when that book is over and you are kicked out of that world… Continue reading Post-Book Blues: My Love/Hate Relationship with a Good Book

Feeling C.R.A.F.T.y?

Whether you are a confirmed crafter or simply want to try your hand at crafting, you are welcome at our monthly C.R.A.F.T. (Create Random Awesome Free Things) program. That’s right—FREE! One Sunday afternoon per month, Aimee and I offer a different craft for adults. We supply the materials and basic instructions, then participants use their… Continue reading Feeling C.R.A.F.T.y?

What’s in a Library of Things?

  The role of libraries has evolved significantly over the years, and at the WFPL, we’re very proud to continue the march forward. We will always have collections of books on almost any topic imaginable, so we will always endeavor to fire your imagination and satisfy your need for information. But as important as our… Continue reading What’s in a Library of Things?

The Library of All Libraries

Last month, my family and I visited Washington, D.C. It was my first time there as purely a tourist, and my kids’ first time ever. We had a wonderful time sight-seeing. The World War II and Vietnam memorials are very moving. I was somewhat teary at the Roosevelt and M.L.K. memorials, thinking about what could… Continue reading The Library of All Libraries

Shared Resources for a Shared Planet

There’s really no denying that our world is in trouble. The earth will be fine, because she doesn’t much care about the survival of individual species – including humans – but the future of our children is in danger. According to a United Nations report issued Monday, one million plant and animal species are on… Continue reading Shared Resources for a Shared Planet