Voting: One Less Thing to Worry About

There is a lot of uncertainty in 2020, but of all the changes we face one thing has stayed the same – there is a presidential election. Votes will be cast for November 3, 2020 but how does one cast their vote in a pandemic?

For Massachusetts voters the answer just got a whole lot simpler. Mail-in voting has been proven to be a safe, secure and convenient way to vote for many Americans. MA is allowing any registered Massachusetts voter to request mail-in ballots without an excuse for any 2020 election.

Go to:

  1. Complete a Vote-by-Mail application. The information requested includes your name, voter registration address, DOB, contact info, ballot request information with an optional section if you required assistance to vote. Provide your signature and date it.
  2. Deliver your application to your local election office – For Watertown that would be Town Hall, Office of the Town Clerk, 149 Main St. Watertown MA 02472
  3. Vote when your ballot arrives
  4. Return your ballot

Applications must reach your local election office by the following

  • August 26 for the State Primary
  • October 28 for the State Election on November 3rd

Make your vote count!

– Stephanie, WFPL Reference Librarian and proud registered voter!

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